Weight Loss Goal

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I went for my first fill yesterday and Doctor Slikkers was amazed with my results. I was shocked! I guess I've lost quite a bit of weight but it has seemed to be a slow process more recently. I was down 30 pound yesterday; that's since my pre-op diet started on August 30.

The fill didn't hurt what so ever, just a little pin prick. After my fill he had me drink a dixie cup of water. I took my first sip and my stomach made a high pitched squeak sound while I felt an air bubble come up. When the doctor heard that, he told me I was drinking too fast but also I am probably close to my "sweet spot" which really excites me! I didn't know it but he put 3cc's in my band at surgery and 2cc's yesterday so I have a total of 5cc's in a 10cc band. He said most patients need about 7cc's to be at their "sweet spot". Next appointment is in 5 weeks. (they couldn't get me in for 4 weeks)

Anyway, motivation is fully here and I am ready to help motivate anyone else needing it!


  1. Jody! That is so exciting!! 30 pounds?! Congrats girl! I just got my band 5 days ago and Im down 13 pounds but I know the process is faster in the beginning :) I cant wait to get my first fill...no restriction is hard!

  2. Wow! You're doing so great-- I would love to hear more about the day to day for you... you are so successful.
    I will be banded in Janaury 2010-- take a look at my blog when you can... all my best,

  3. Wow your doing great!!! Your blog cought my eye because you stated you have PCOS, my daughter was diagnosed this year with this and I'm still trying to figure out what it is. Keep up the good work!!!!!